Founded in 1969, the Italian Detercom Professional Srl Group is a business nearly half a century of expert cosmetic cleaning supplies, spare parts and operates vacation hotel business in Southern Europe with a market leadership position.
Italian Detercom Professional Srl Group is located an hour's drive from Florence's Tuosikani medieval mountain town Siena - Siena. Siena flourished in the Lombard period, is the seat of the ancient city, the central area of ​​the city in 1995 by the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Italian art, architecture, craft and sculpture in Siena played dripping to do, touch people's hearts.
Italian Detercom Professional Srl company has been uphold the spirit of Sienna tradition, adhere to the belief Made in Italy, the development of each series with Italian atmosphere wash Mu products. More in response to changes of the Earth's environment, the products have been certified with the EU Green Italian organic certification, many well-known international chain hotels Specify wash Mu product supplier and manufacturer.

In 2016, Qi Jie Co. made Detercom Italian Professional Srl Group exclusive rights in Taiwan and China, Qi Jie Co., Ltd. will uphold the spirit of Italian heritage will Detercom Professional Srl Group brand ORO VERDE / DIVINUM / EASY Argan oil / CORTESIA BIMBI rich presents to you.