With a wide array of cutting edge products, Philip Preston, President of PolyScience is inventing culinary
technology that helps chefs to find new ways of expressing their creativity.

While PolyScience is a leading manufacturer of laboratory equipment for customers worldwide since 1963,
its core competence is in designing and manufacturing extremely precise temperature control solutions.

This competence led Philip Preston many years ago to support the first creative chefs exploring sous vide
cooking. Today, the world's best chefs rely on this technique. PolyScience thermal circulators are their first
choice technology for it and many great friendships have developed since then.


His passion for futuristic kitchen gear has also captured the attention of America's top chefs, like Grant
Achatz at Chicago's Alinea. With the impulse of Chef Achatz, Philip developed the Anti-Griddle. He never
expected to build more than two units: one for Chef Achatz and one for himself. However, the excitement
from other great chefs and the attention of the Food Network's Award for Culinary Technology made it a
big hit in the world of culinary creative.

Within the last years additional innovative culinary tools were added and Philip Preston is constantly
working on new inventions to give chefs more ways of expressing their culinary creativity.